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Indian Thunder Stroke Cam Insert - Man's Ruin Martini

Indian Thunder Stroke Cam Insert - Man's Ruin Martini
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Aluminum Indian Thunder Stroke Cam Inserts with Hard Coated Graphics

VHB Tape Included

Fits In 2014+ Indian Thunder Stroke Cam On Bottom Right of Bike

Indian Chief, Indian Cheiftain, Indian Roadmaster, Indian Springfield

  • Hundreds of designs to choose from, or request a custom design using your favorite picture, logo, etc. 
  • To place a web site order, select any design of your choice by adding to the shopping cart. 
  • Next, Select your finish type by selecting Glossy or Denim/Matte from the drop down box.
  • All parts are hand-made to order , Please allow at least 7-10 days for production.
  • All products are manufactured using a multiple color hard coat injection process. Unlike automotive paint, which is mixed to a specific color or paint code, our parts feature multiple layers of up to 12 different colors in each unique design.  We cannot guarantee color matching to factory or custom motorcycle paint, as color accuracy isn't guaranteed. Due to the coloring process, in certain bright lighting conditions a metamerism may occur which may make some colors appear an altered shade or more vibrant than usual.


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