Victory Derby Covers

Custom VICTORY DERBY COVERS made to order in your choice of finish

  • Precision machined high quality covers fit exactly the same as your factory original.
  • Fits all Freedom Enigine models 2003-2017
  • Derby Covers install in 5 minutes or less using your factory bolts.
  • Please note: Your Victory motorcycle accepts covers with both vertical and horizontal holes. You will find the horizontal holes under your stock factory cover when its removed. 
  • Hundreds of designs to choose from, or request a custom design using your favorite picture, logo, etc. Please email your custom design request in jpg format 
  • To place a web site order, select any design of your choice by adding to the shopping cart.
  • Next, Select your finish type by selecting Glossy or Denim/Matte from the drop down box.
  • Please allow at least 5-7 days for production.
  • All products are manufactured using a multiple color hard coat injection process. Unlike automotive paint, which is mixed to a specific color or paint code, our parts feature multiple layers of up to 12 different colors in each unique design. We cannot guarantee color matching to factory & custom motorcycle paint, as color accuracy isn't guaranteed. Due to the coloring process, in certain bright lighting conditions a metamerism may occur which may make some colors appear an altered shade or more vibrant than usual.

 Pricing $129.99

Any questions? contact us Business hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M Eastern Time Zone.